Your Iwatch is warranted for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions specified in the warranty. This applies only to Iwatch watches purchased from an approved retailer. The Iwatch warranty is valid when the warranty card is dated and stamped by an authorized retailer. During the warranty period, you are required to present the valid warranty card to have the watch repaired free of charge, or replaced (of identical characteristics or similar value) at the sole discretion of Iwatch service agents.  The manufacturer’s warranty does not include

  1. glass and  bracelet / strap
  2. damage on any part of the watch as a result of accidents, negligence, incorrect use and lack of care
  3. normal wear and tear
  4. Iwatch that has been handled or altered from its original condition (eg battery change, service or repair, etc) at non-authorized Iwatch service centers.
  5. loss or theft
  6. all damage directly or indirectly as a result of malfunction, lack of precision, defects or inappropriate use

To ensure continued performance of your Iwatch timepiece

  • do not subject your watch to sudden temperature changes or intense magnetic fields
  • avoid chemicals such as perfumes, solvents, detergents as they may damage case, bracelets/straps or seals
  • ensure that the crown is properly pushed in or screwed-in at all times to prevent water or contaminants from penetrating.
  • avoid abrasions (eg scratching, dropping, etc) as it may damage the case, bracelet or glass
  • clean the watch regularly using a soft dry cloth to prevent any corrosion due to perspiration.
  • unless it has the required water resistance, do not wear your watch for showering, swimming and other related water sports. When in doubt, consult your Iwatch authorized retailer/ service agent.






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